Saturday, 8 March 2008

Open day at Newmill fishery

Despite the atrocious weather Newmill had a great turnout for its first competition of 2008. With the conditions being so bad, we felt the fishing may suffer but in Newmill style it was excellent. Before the competition started I thought bait fishing would win hands down however, fly fishing anglers did just as well.
Frank Richmond, of Carluke, won the biggest bag prize with a total of 17 trout weighing in at 17.4kg. Richmond used maggots and Powerbait to reel in his haul.The 2nd heaviest bag went to Robert Penny, also of Carluke, with a total of 10 fish weighing in at 10.1kg.

The biggest fish of the day was caught by Ryan Donaghy of Livingston. His catch of the day weighed in at 2.3Kg.Under 16 year old prizes went to:
Thomas McFadden for the heaviest bag with a total of 1 fish weighing in at 1.3kg.

Jordan Colville won under 16 biggest fish.Best fly bag went to R. Mclay with a total of 9 fish weighing in at 8.2kg. McLay found success with the yellow dancer - A Newmill standby.

Thanks for a great turnout lads and thanks to Daiwa for the great prizes!

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Bethany said...

Awesome. This is even more incentive to come back -- Dave has the chance at winning an "international" fishing title.